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Do you ever just feel like all your thoughts and emotions are a big jumbled mess? Well that’s how I’ve felt this past week. If I’m being honest, I feel that way a lot. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even make sense of how I feel or what I’m thinking, because I’m feeling and thinking so many things at the same time. Anyone else? Please tell me I’m not alone. HOWEVER… I have recently been able to put my thumb on my struggle with “the mundane.”

I like looking up definitions sometimes to help me better understand certain words. Like, I know what it means, but do I really know what it means, you know? Can I use a word that’s more accurate? #commstudiesmajor

Webster defines boredom as “The state of being weary or restless through lack of interest.” I was shocked to read that sentence, because just the other day I thought to myself, “Could all these weary feelings I’ve been living with lately be partially because I’m kind of bored with day to day life?” That definition was the confirmation for the “yes” I already assumed. The mundane has always been hard for me. As I’ve become older, I’ve grown into a person that likes excitement, adventure, and spontaneity in life.

Being in the thick of the Christmas season, I am reminded of a line in one of my favorite Christmas carols:

“A thrill of Hope
The weary world rejoices”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed to hope in Christ and instead hoped in my circumstances and how they made me feel. Too often, my heart is in search of novel experiences, instead of running to the novel ONE. My weary soul can rejoice, because He has come to redeem and make a way for us to have true intimacy with Him. So, here I am reminded that walking with Him is the most thrilling adventure of all. It is both novel and intimate, because of who He is. It may not always feel good or seem exciting, but at the end of the day, it really is what I want.


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