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Nature provides us with many lessons about our lives, about our God, and about our lives in light of our God.

I looked out my window to see that the sun was finally shining. It has been raining and storming for the past two days. I noticed something though. Even though the sun was shining, it was still raining. My immediate thought went something like, “wow, such a powerful lesson… rain and sun both together at the same time… just like life.” Then I wondered where the rainbow was, and THEN, I thought about what the rainbow means in scripture. God is faithful.

Often, our lives are a messy mix of beauty and sorrow. In our minds, or at least in mine, we deny that such opposites can exist together. That is the truth though, there is suffering, and yet somehow, God is good. How do you hold both of those truths? I have no idea. What I do know is that God has promised His goodness to us as His children. He has promised that He will make all things new. So, I choose to root myself in these truths, and allow room for life to be messy mix of rain, sun, sadness, joy, and all the other things (because, feelings).   😉



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